Me right now. Depressive.

Hello tumblrists. For the ones who follow me for more than cuteness I reblog, I had a huge breakdown. Instead of being hospitalized, I went to stay on my parents farm for a while. Nothing beats having your mommy look after you, no matter your age.
Unfortunately, I have no idea what will be happening with the rest of my life. There are very few things I know right now. Everything is up on the air and there is like NO stability in my life other than my mom and (I really hope) my fiancé’s love we share. I literally don’t know what’s happening and I’m terrified. Although I am on new meds which have been helping a lot, I’m coping with all of this way better than I could have ever expected. Until today. Today I’m scared. Today I’m panicking and I’m feeling all my flaws and failures. I can’t put into words how much I appreciate my mom and even my dad for helping in the best way he can, even though he doesn’t understand depression at all. I was doing okay-ish, especially considering all the things that have been happening and the scary things that have been thrown at me. But today was bad. Hopefully it will pass and I will start doing better again.

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